At SPICA the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Correctly translating the customer’s needs leads to taking solution-oriented action together. SPICA can do so by thinking outside the box and looking further afield, with dynamics unique to SPICA. Only through the optimal experience of each individual can we reach the top together. Enjoying work, and working in pursuit of enjoyment. This attitude brings benefits for both SPICA and for its customers and employees. It is a win-win situation that works like a magnet. Satisfied customers return and new customers are attracted. And as for the employees, they are what make the difference. That’s the signature of SPICA.

Customer focus

At Spica the focus is on YOU the customer. We listen to your needs and take the appropriate initiative to arrive at a solution. We guide and support you, and, if necessary, lead the way for you in order to achieve the goal together.


It is our job to translate your needs correctly so that you can achieve. This is possible thanks to our expertise, our passion and drive and, above all, our joint team effort.

Looking far afield

Spica wants to look further afield than others. We encourage our people to do the impossible and to arrive at solutions that others can’t see. Nothing is too much for us. We take on any challenge. Together as a team, we dare to look at things differently, permanently innovating and renewing. Making things better.


Surrounded by the right people and the right tools, we assure you optimal results.This is because we pursue the same goal, promoted by all team members.By following processes in a coordinated and thought-out way, we achieve the intended goal: the top


Spica stands for entrepreneurship. We encourage initiative, because only initiative can lead to the discovery of solutions, action and reaction, demand and result.


Spica is on its way to the top thanks to a team that supports each other, that assists where needed, that is flexible and driven, that is open to renewal and that takes its own initiative to find out how things can be better.


At Spica experience is paramount for each individual, no matter how diverse. There is a strong desire to steer this diverse group towards the same goal, with respect for their individuality. We strive to make you feel at home at Spica. Work and enjoyment - it works.


The team’s joint efforts ensure that satisfied customers return and new customers are attracted. Collaborating with Spica therefore pays off. You grow and Spica grows with you. That’s our appeal.


Spica is the unique result of the drive and professionalism of a diverse team. Making the difference. That’s our signature.