As a result of SPICA’s standard objectives solutions are provided ready to manufacture and to be implemented. 

Our team supports and develops innovative solutions that meet your requirements. Each customer-specific product can be assembled, tested and delivered. Full assembly, whether mechanical, electrical or a combination, is possible thanks to SPICA's wide range of skills:


  • SPICA’s knowhow in wire & cable assembly
  • SPICA’s passion for providing Electronic Manufacturing Services for your electrical and electronic modules
  • SPICA’s expertise in logistics.  Supported by an ERP system SPICA guarantees the full supply chain to their customers: from procurement of raw materials, up to production and delivery of the assembly
  • SPICA’s knowledge of potting with epoxy (and other materials), especially under demanding conditions, such as high humidity, voltage, temperature and rugged environments
  • SPICA’s overall assembly knowledge and experience
  • SPICA’s reliability for quality performance and timeliness