SPICA engineers, manufacture services for all your wiring and cable connection requirements. 

From standard electrical copper wires, cables and cable trees, up to coaxial connections used in a wide range of applications for professional markets, SPICA is your flexible, reliable and versatile partner.

As an SME manufacturing high-quality cable assemblies, SPICA are an experienced team of employees who work with a wide range of technologies and machinery:


  • Manual wire wrap, soldering and crimping
  • Semi- and fully automated cutting, stripping and crimping machines for standard copper wires, cables with in-process quality control
  • Tools and machinery for a wide range of wire and cable connections
  • Automated soldering
  • Multifunctional test systems


As a result of their high degree of flexibility and versatility, SPICA is able to fulfill your specific technical requirements while guaranteeing quality and on-time delivery.   Supported by experienced, trained and motivated employees, SPICA aim to deliver a 'Beyond Expectations' experience to their customers.  All cable and wire assemblies are 100% tested electrically at the customer site.  In addition, SPICA is UL 817-certified to assemble cable harnesses